Mixx Karen

Hi,I am MixxKaren. Welcome to my little world. Thank you for spending your time to view my artworks and reading my information. I’m pleased to have you here.

I am a designer based in Malaysia. I majored interior design but I’ve always been studying graphic design and drawing as well, because I have passion to create. To create art that are beautiful and meaningful. I always push my limit,challenge new things from different field, so that i can enjoy the feeling of achieving good result.

I don’t limit my future to a certain path. But I’ll always have passion on every art piece I design.



I am minimalist when it comes to design. Focused on abstract, typography content, conveying messages you wanted to express.


When it comes to design, I’m good at concealing the message within the artwork and create a meaningful art pieces.


Pieces of Work


I interesting in logo design also business card. As i feel that is a symbol of an personal or a team image. When you see the LOGO you will know this LOGO is belongs whose also will remember who you are.


I never learned to drawing. But I like drawing since I still was a child. How lucky I’m that I have somethings I love to do. Always have someone ask to teach them to draw. But very ashamed is i really don’t know how to teach them. And I don’t like someone looking me to draw. It will make me nervous even spoil my drawing. Urhhhh…… Do you have same feeling to me? Well i felt a drawing can express about thousand words. I can hide my feeling even my secret inside. May be the meanings only me and someone who get the drawing will know. I spent many years to find my style.

Since 3 years ago, because i express my feeling in words, may i have my worry or I’m shy? So i decided draw a drawing to someone. I spent a month to complete it. I hide my feeling in the drawing.  I found my way in drawing. I think almost inspiration also come with life with love with feeling.

Nowdays always will have someone call me artist and call my drawing as artwork. Hmmm…… i always have a question in my heart “Is that I’m an artist? ” “Is that my pieces is artwork?” I not really sure. Sometimes I feel I’m sometimes i feel I’m not. I think I just need to know I like drawing I enough!